About Us

We truly hope anyone who wants to be financially independent will take the time to read the following content. It was not written by a copy writer, web developer, salesman or marketer. It was written by two people who genuinely want to show others that anyone can become financially independent within a targeted time frame.

End Result was established out of the awareness gained by their own experiences and by talking with every day people in their own homes about the obstacles they faced to hit their financial targets.

Paul and Maree, were like everyday people, working hard, working long hours and no matter what the income was, never getting any closer to their financial target. Most people call it their financial dream.

Of course there were times that we were motoring towards our target, but as life has its ups, downs and changes it always seemed one step forward, two steps back. The one step forward took a lot of effort, the two steps back seemed to happen in a blink of an eye.

Then one day in a frank discussion, we both looked at each other and said, “enough is enough”. In order to achieve what we want, which was to reach financial independence, we had to take time out and learn how to do it.

Through our own education and while working for Wealth Creation companies, we discovered that we weren’t the only ones experiencing the ups, downs and changes in life.

The next fact should be enough to stop you in your tracks to at least start you having a conversation and taking action.

Whether you are an accountant, lawyer, doctor, school teacher, tradie, salesman, office worker, chef or cleaner, these and all other professions are included in the statistic that for the last 30 years and up until today, with no change in sight, 95% of people will retire on welfare.

Of the 95%, virtually all will run out of money in retirement within 1 to 9 years.

If you believe there will be a pension in 10 -15 years and that you will be able to live the life you want on the pension, we give you our very best wishes.

The information that End Result provides is not taught in schools, which means our financial future lies squarely upon our own shoulders.

This brings us to our mission. To break the generation cycle of people living and retiring on welfare. Most of us learn our financial knowledge from our parents and our kids learn it from us. So we know the knowledge that we are providing is not working, given the statistic of 95%, shows we need to improve our financial knowledge.

End Result provide information and active support to anyone that wants to set a targeted time frame to be financially independent and secure, generally within 10 to 15-years. Some will hit their target before this time frame, most within, some after and depending on commitment, some unfortunately won’t at all.

The main aim is to hit financial independence and along the way you will improve your financial knowledge that you can share with your kids, family and friends and help break the generation cycle of people living and retiring on welfare.

It can be done!

The result of helping as many individuals and families hit their financial target, leads to the purpose of End Result Foundation. Working with some of the less fortunate, the homeless, in securing permanent shelter and if they want, learn the same information so they too can become financially independent and break the generation cycle of poverty and welfare.

We don’t look at End Result as a business, rather a community service commitment that will improve the well-being for everyone, be of benefit to all and that it is sustainable for the community. Everyone can learn to improve their financial knowledge. The great part is you get to keep it once you have it.

Vision – Our vision is to provide information and education to as many people as possible to show how Financial Independence can be hit before retirement.

Mission – To break the generation cycle of people living and retiring on welfare.

Purpose – To assist homeless people find permanent shelter and strive to eradicate or minimise the causation of homelessness. In addition, we will work with identified not for profits in related areas to help the community in a direct way.