Secretarial Online Services

How would you like to have your business open 24/7?

Secretarial Online Services are here for you.

SOS provides a quality sales experience for your client through 24/7 accessibility.

We make sure that every site enquiry is assisted in less than 30 seconds, making your online presence efficient and convenient for your customers, and cost-effective for you. SOS was created to cater to your business’s needs, however big or small, whether you require sales, service, or technical support.

We monitor your website with our staff of real people, not a preprogramed answering machine, and ensure you receive every possible enquiry and sales lead which comes through. This increases your conversion of website traffic and “tyre kickers” to quality leads.

Our Secretary Online Services can help develop strong customer relations by being available 24/7, encouraging customers to engage in friendly chats and enquire about your products and services. Customer engagement is changed into brand loyalty because they trust that you can help them at any given time.

Want to know more about how it works and find the best package for you? Get in touch to find out how to maximize your company’s conversion of web site enquiries to sales leads.

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