Contracting and Payroll Service

There is a growing trend with employers and employees to choose contracting options for employment. This supplies a range of benefits and flexibility not generally available to employees. It does however come with additional requirements of GST, BAS and Insurance by way of costs, compliance and reporting which seem daunting and make it almost out of reach for most.

End Result have experts who specialise in assisting professional contractors and businesses with their compliance, payroll and reporting requirements, including taxation, insurance, administration, and your industry specific legislation.

We work with a range of companies and contractors to personalise and simplify their requirements and to ensure efficient, accurate and on schedule payments and compliance for companies and contractors alike.

With partners in the education, recruitment, health and IT fields and the services ranging from simple payslip processing to full payroll, tax and insurance options you will definitely find an affordable option for your business which will be customised to your needs.

You are kept up to date on any changes and have the peace of mind to know it has already been implemented. We keep you up to date and you keep on doing what you do best and enjoy most.

And the best comes last, we have partners in the accounting, legal and insurance industries which ensure their knowledge and skill-set stay completely up to date and relevant for your business.

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