Financial Independence

The following fact is true. 95% of people retire and are unable to support themselves without the help from family or government. This has been happening for 30+ years with no end in sight.

To be financially Independent you need to invest or inherit money. More and more retirees are spending their kids’ inheritance due to the cost of living and aged care. So the safest way to be financially independent is to invest.

Without investing in assets, there can really be only one result and that is working all your life and finishing with a set income from the pension and superannuation. Take the pension away and it really is depressing.

So, you are either accumulating assets, or you are not. Over time assets will pay for your expenses and lifestyle without you having to involuntarily work.

This Financial Independence tab is here for you to set a time frame of when you would like to be financially independent regardless of your current situation.

You may be interested in one, many or all of the products and services End Result provide. That is why the financial Independence tab is under investment and here is another reason why.

We are so busy living our lives that important things like our finances tend to get pushed to the back of the cue. Doing this feels like we are living like mice on a treadmill.

It is the 5% that jump off the treadmill and do things differently to the rest. The 5% use their time more wisely to find out how to successfully be financially independent.

Make use of the financial independence tab and invest your time in setting your target time frame by hitting Make a time and day and we will call you to confirm the time with you.