Cryptocurrency is the most exciting investment opportunity on the market today. The best known cryptocurrency on the market is Bitcoin, known as the pioneer of cryptocurrency. In 2009 people invested and bought one bitcoin for 8 cents at launch. Today one Bitcoin trades at around $650 usd. Not a bad return for 8 cents.

Coinspace, which mines S-Coin has learnt both the good and bad points from the pioneer of cryptocurrency. There is a major shift happening right now, right under your nose. There are thousands of people that are taking advantage of this timing all over the world before it launches in the first quarter of 2017. January being the expected month. Time is running out to take maximum advantage of the pre-launch benefits.

Proof’s in the pudding. In 2009, Kris Koch was writing a thesis on encryption when he decided to spend $27 which bought him 5,000 bitcoins. Kris forgot he had the coins until 2013. When he checked out how much they were, he found they were valued at $886,000.00. He then bought an apartment in Manhattan with his new found fortune. (Only 4 years) Source – The Guardian

Has there been a share on the stock market that has ever done that. In fact, Bitcoin went as high as $1,200 usd.

Coinspace is projected to exceed the performance of Bitcoin for many reasons. Just a few of those are that it will be the most liquid cash cryptocurrency on the market. The same time as the launch, Coinspace will roll out ATM and merchant facilities all around the globe. You can spend your S-coins like normal money and Coinspace pays you for referring people that invest.

Tens of thousands of people missed the boat on Bitcoin and are jumping on the Coinspace opportunity that doesn’t come around that often. Today one Bitcoin is around the $630 usd mark. Cryptocurrency is real and has made many people financially independent.

Play the video for an introduction to Coinspace and cryptocurrency and then hit to arrange a meeting time to receive more detail.

It is important to understand that we know the videos are only an introduction to what cryptocurrency is and more detail is needed. Worth a look at when only a few hundred bucks will get you started.