End Result provides services for individuals, family and businesses who are part of the community. This work results in the Foundation being able to provide a community service to the homeless people in a direct way. That is, we use the proceeds for the cause, to provide food, clothing and shelter when possible. All provisions are bought by End Result Foundation. No money is given to charity or other organisations for the distribution of its goods.

We also show how it is possible for members of the community be it people or business, how they too, can do the same and help improve the well-being of the community where they feel it is needed.

End Result collaborate with non for profit organisations that have the same or similar cause but it is not limited to the area of homeless people either. It can help provide medical equipment, emergency supplies for natural disaster, food for sheltered pets, anything that will benefit the well-being of the community.

End Result Foundation has started its work with the homeless in its local area where there are around 1,800 homeless teenagers under the age of 18 from the last report given. The help provided to the homeless of any age is not guided by any government or private organisation. It is guided by the homeless who provide the information to End Result on how to improve their well-being in the best way.