End Result provide the services and products it does to business owners, individuals and family so it can continue its mission and purpose for the benefit and well-being of the community.

The purpose of End Result is to use proceeds of the services and products provided, in a direct way to understand the causation of homelessness by personally interacting with the homeless themselves and to better understand their current position.

Learning from the homeless themselves will help understand how the link with their existing status and support network is helping or failing them.

End Result can offer direct, immediate assistance when possible such as temporary shelter, clothing or food. However, the main aim is to find a more stable solution and find permanent shelter.

The mission helps the purpose and in its own way reduces the causation of homelessness.

By providing information and support that improves the financial knowledge of all people in the community, it will reduce the number of people living and retiring on welfare. The key to this achievement is twofold.

Firstly, is to not ignore the 20-40 year old age bracket who believe they have all the time in the world to save for their retirement. It’s true they do have all the time in the world but we all know that end result. We want to provide information and education to this age bracket, not on how to plan for retirement but how to become financially independent well before retirement. In learning, executing and hitting the target they can then then pass on their knowledge to their kids on how to become financially independent and not even think about retirement.

Secondly, helping individuals and parents above 40 years of age understand how financial independence is a target that can be hit and that it’s never too late. This financial knowledge is not taught in schools, so to pass what they have learnt to their kids or family will reduce the dependency of welfare.

The biggest obstacle that is in the way of the mission hitting its target to get the end result is this.

Getting people to pause all activity in their lives for just one day and find out how they can become financially independent.

Knowing how to become financially independent is one thing, to pass the knowledge on to the next generation is key so there is no need to live or retire on welfare.

Question. When was the last time you took a full day off to find out what ideas and options you have for you to reach financial independence?

To start with, you won’t need a full day, just a couple of hours so End Result understands your current position and to find out what you want.

To do this, just hit and leave a time and day you would like to meet. We will then call you to confirm the time